Sep 212013

Meet Our Community Partners In Education


Tulsa's Partners In Education program, established in 1983, is a joint effort between the Tulsa Regional Chamber and Tulsa Public Schools to link community resources with Tulsa’s children in order to provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful. Partnerships can be as small as donating snacks as testing time, reading to class, volunteering your time for special events, making copies for teachers, OR supporting programs like Art Sparks, Junior Great books, Science Enrichment and the many more programs that enrich our children’s educational experience.

Every resource helps and over the years the support of Carnegie’s community partners have enabled us to provide the resources needed to develop Tulsa’s future leaders. What is needed to become a community partners? There are no rules to becoming a partner; no matter the size or type of your business, organization or religious group you can impact the life of a Carnegie student. We just ask for your commitment to Carnegie’s students and academic excellence. For more information about Partners in Education, contact Carnegie’s Corporate Liaison or to find out more about PIE visit