Sep 192014



Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:52am by President, Mandi Dixon.  The previous minutes were approved as written.



Principal – Mandi Dixon (on behalf of Mrs. Emerson)

  • Students are doing a great job of getting here on time. There are only about 5 students tardy daily.
  • The grass will be mowed by this Wednesday.
  • We do not have enough students for an additional 3rd grade teacher, but we have a Teacher's Assistant. TPS pays for the TA.


President – Mandi Dixon

  • The form for the Carnegie Calling has already been sent home. Even if you completed the form online, you must still turn in the hard copy because you have to mark yes/no to have your personal information printed in the Carnegie Calling.  Also, the actual order form is on the back of the form.
  • The dates for our two biggest fundraisers have been switched. We will now have the Auction in the spring and Pizza Bingo in the Fall.  Pizza Bingo will be on Friday, October 24th.  It will be a Fall Festival/Carnival theme.  Stokley has agreed to do the dunk tank again this year.  We will be allowed to wear our Halloween costumes.  Lisa Morgan, Mandi Dixon and Megan Sutton are chairing the event.  Please let them know how you would like to be involved.


Treasurer's Report – Kara Clendenin

  • Please submit a reimbursement form with all reimbursement requests. They are located in the copy room.
  • If you have any questions about the PTA finances, please let her know.


Volunteer Coordinator – Mary King

  • Thank you to everyone who has volunteered!
  • Please submit your volunteer hours for July and August this week. It is very important that we turn in our hours.  One of the reasons why it is so important, is that it is factored into our schools overall grade.  Anything you do for the school can be counted: pulling weeds, making copies, Lunch Bunch, Scouts, meetings, etc.
  • We still need chairpersons for Facts Masters and Publishing Company, and Community Connections. We need a homeroom parent for Mrs. Bentley's and Mr. Morgan's classes.  We are also looking for a Facilities Coordinator.
  • If you are not getting emails from your grade rep, please let Mary know. Her email address is


Corporate Liaison – Mandi Dixon (on behalf of Lynetria Johnson)

  • Lynetria has maintained contact with our Partners in Education to keep them involved and motivated.
  • She would like to plant a seed for the upcoming School Mall Program, which is a fantastic program where you order online from stores like Kohl's, Target, etc. and our school builds up credit. Last year was our first year to participate.  The school received money and the teacher's were awarded gift cards and prizes from the credit we built up.  Please be watching for more information about this soon!



Grandparent's Day – Amanda Carrier

  • Grandparent's Day starts next week. Please turn in the white form attached to the invitation by this Friday.  We have to order the food, so there will be no exceptions after Friday.
  • She only needs a few more volunteers.

Sunshine Committee – Stephanie Godwin

  • Our 2nd event for this year is this Friday. We are bringing Sweet Treats for the teachers.  There are only a couple of items still needed.  If you would like to be added to the Sign-up Genius list for all of the Sunshine Committee Events, please contact Stephanie.

PTA Memberships – Stacy Margolis

  • She has PTA membership cards available for anyone who wants one.
  • She is working on the memberships and will be sending information out soon.

5th Grade – Elise Cruchon

  • The 5th grade golf tournament will be September 27th from 10:00am – 2:00pm at LaFortune Park Golf Course. The cost is $60 per person.  The match will be foursomes of 2 adults/2 children.  If we get enough donations, we will have a silent auction.  We will also need $100 hole sponsors.  Please let Elise know if you want to help out.
  • We will be starting the birthday marquee soon. The 5th graders will change the marquee in the afternoons.  We need parent volunteers to supervise them.

Pizza Bingo – Mandi Dixon

  • We will need donations of cookies, cupcakes, Pop, etc. for Pizza Bingo. Everything has to be store bought, per TPS regulations.  We also need gift cards for prizes.


New Business

Picture Day – Eileen Warner

  • Picture day is September 19th from 8:00am until approximately lunch time. Volunteers are needed to help straighten hair, keep order, usher students, etc.  You do not have to stay the whole time.  You can come for as long as you like.  You also do not have to be here at 8:00. Come whenever you can.  It is free dress day all day!

Art Sparks – Joelle McBride

  • We are needing volunteers to help with Art Sparks. Art Sparks is a PTA sponsored program for 2nd - 5th  There are six lessons on six different artists.  They start at the end of September and end the first week of December.  You volunteer during your child's art time.  The lessons are presented through PowerPoint.  There is also a notebook with the reference material included.  Everything has already been planned, you only resent the material.

Carnegie PTA website – Damon Chance

  • If you want something on the website, please contact Damon. The more information you can provide him, the better.  His email address is  You may contact him through the actual website, which is  You may also email any of the PTA officers through the website, as well.

Gift for Miss Ruby – Brittin Prior

  • If you are interested in making a donation for a gift for Miss Ruby, please contact Brittin Prior. Elise will check to see if we have a t-shirt in her size right after the meeting.  The shirt will be paid for by the PTA and is in addition to the gift.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25am.


Respectfully submitted,

Shelie Chavez

PTA Secretary