Jul 282015

Drop off items at the home of Karen Rath (4637 E. 59th St.) by Wednesday, August 5th.
Contact Karen to confirm a time (FB, krath@cox.net, 918.557.8784).


The exchange will occur on Friday, August 7th, 11:00-2:00, at the school.

Uniform Exchange Guidelines

Overview: Parents can contribute gently used, outgrown uniforms to the uniform exchange which will earn them credits to obtain uniform pieces from other families. Uniforms can also be bought at a small cost for those who do not have any outgrown items to contribute.


  • Drop off: Parents will drop off their outgrown uniforms. At this time, clothing will be inspected by volunteers to ensure that it meets uniform guidelines, and that it is in satisfactory condition. A voucher will be issued for all uniforms contributed that will allow families to shop at the uniform exchange. Families will receive one credit for every two pieces [CSL1] of clothing contributed. All items will sell for one credit.
    • Families will be asked to bring items prepared for sale (i.e., on hangers); If tags have been removed, the parents should somehow label the size (e.g., masking tape)
  • Set up for shopping day: Items will be sorted by gender and size
  • Shopping day: Families will select the items they’d like to purchase and bring them to the check out area where they will be allowed to purchase items with credits earned through uniforms donated (or pay cash or check— $3/item).

Items accepted:

All items should be in gently used, good wearable condition (i.e., no rips, tears, holes, or stains) and meet Carnegie uniform guidelines.

  • Polos (short and long sleeve), oxfords, and turtlenecks meeting guidelines (i.e., white, gray, navy, dark green with no logo)
  • Shorts and pants (khaki, no cargo pockets)
  • Sweaters and  cardigans in the appropriate colors
  • Spirit wear shirts and sweatshirts (any year, including jog-a-thon and other approved spirit day wear)
  • Skirts/skorts (khaki or Carnegie plaid)
  • Polo dresses and jumpers in the appropriate colors


Volunteers will be needed for drop-off, setup, shopping day, and clean up. Credits for the sale could be awarded for people who volunteer.  There will also have an early shopping time for anyone who volunteers.


Families will earn shopping credits based on uniforms donated (or through volunteering to help with the uniform exchange).


Any items left will be donated to the Carnegie Closet.